Evolve your organization, teams, and leadership to achieve meaningful impact, passionate engagement, and full potential


Pointing Your Compass

Change is the new constant. However, change is happening faster and it’s more complex, interdependent and cross-functional than ever before. People are at the heart of change – as leaders, we must engage them to anticipate and drive not simply react or resist. Our understanding of neuroscience, complexity theory and systems thinking, appreciative inquiry and emotional intelligence, results in an approach that creates the conditions and mechanisms necessary to drive real transformation at all levels – organization, team, and individual. 

Our team has facilitated transformational change initiated by clients’ desires to more effectively and efficiently achieve their mission through renewed strategic direction, new operating models and business processes, outsourcing of current processes, organization restructuring, new technology systems, cultural change, and change in leadership to name a few. We use small- and large-group facilitation to engage people to accelerate the change and collaboratively deliver the following services:

Organizational Effectiveness and Assessment

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Change Strategy and Implementation


Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Business Process Design and Improvement

Training Design and Delivery


Aligning Your Team Compass

The effectiveness of your teams will make or break your organization. Teams are where the real work gets done. In today’s organizations, leaders and staff can be on many teams at once, and healthy teaming is modeled at the top of your organization.

Compass is a member of the Extraordinary Teams Partnership and leverages a variety of research, thought-leadership, assessment tools, and facilitation and coaching techniques to transform your team to achieve extraordinary results. We offer the following services, amongst others, to define shared commitments, assess and intervene on dysfunctional teams, improve communication and collaboration, and address difficult issues such as trust and accountability. We work with leadership teams, management teams, staff teams, short-term special project teams, cross-functional teams, multi-stakeholder teams, among others.

Team Coaching and Training

Team Assessment

Team Chartering, Intervention, and Transition

woman with stickies

Agile and Short-Term Initiative Facilitation

Meeting and Retreat Design and Facilitation


Tapping Your Inner Compass

With a foundation in neuroscience, Compass understands how the human brain is wired and the importance of sustained and supported, individual attention on new behaviors to achieve sustainable change in ourselves. As certified coaches, we bring a holistic, integrated approach to developing and coaching leaders and adults along their journey to actualizing their full potential and achieving fulfillment. Our approach works to develop, align and embody all of our intelligences – cognitive, emotional, social, somatic, and spiritual – resulting in authentic, powerful leadership whether at work or in our lives in general.

We work with leaders and individuals to develop balance, presence, confidence and power as well as skills in articulating vision, leading change, decision-making, empathetic listening, difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, among others.  We build your self-awareness around your strengths and blindspots through assessments, observation, and feedback and provide you a trusted, safe environment to be open, curious, take risks, and try new things. We support you in building the ability to integrate and sustain the behavior change necessary to reveal the strength of your unique style. 

In support of change efforts, we recognize the importance of balancing organizational change with the need for individual behavioral shifts and formation of new habits. We work to position individuals in leadership roles throughout the effort to champion the vision and approach. We also support middle management as the lynchpin stakeholders in any large-scale change effort to model the change and walk the talk while coaching their own staff through the change.

Individual Assessments

Custom Coaching Program Development

Leadership Development Training and Coaching

Lucan in action

Life Coaching & Transition

Emerging Leader Development